MLS Fantasy Round 1 Wrap-up

The MLS Fantasy Opening Weekend Challenge came and went, and what an intense weekend it was!  Between the Timbers blasting Minnesota 5-1 in the Loons’ first MLS game ever, to Atlanta giving up a 1-0 lead in the last minutes of the game to lose 2-1 to the Red Bulls, just about every game was action packed.

Luckily (or unluckily, if you did well), this first round was a complete mulligan — all the scores in all the leagues will reset to zero and the real scoring will start with round two.  Didn’t do so well?  No fear, pick a better lineup this week and get started on the right foot.

That being said, let’s look at who came out on top from this weekend.

Diego Valeri (MF) – Portland – $10.0m

Total points: 16
Minutes played: 85
Goals: 2
Assists: 1

This one should be no surprise — he was in our list of top midfielders to pick back in the 2017 preview piece.  Portland put on a great showcase all around, but Valeri was the high point for the majority of the game.  The combination play between he and Sebastian Blanco was spectacular as well, and should make for some entertaining games throughout the season.  Though tied on points with teammate Adi, Valeri is our pick for the top finisher, simply because of his 2 goals plus the assist, and the fact that he was the best player on the pitch throughout the whole game.

Fanendo Adi (FW) – Portland – $9.5m

Total points: 16
Minutes played: 90
Goals: 2

Adi had some nice hold-up play throughout the game, but didn’t do a ton attacking-wise until the dying minutes of the game, when he put two in a row away against a tired and beaten-down Minnesota side to help the Timbers secure a 5-1 win.  With the calibur of his midfield behind him, though, Adi is sure to be a no-brainer for the coming weeks.

Anibal Godoy (MF) – San Jose – $7.0m

Total points: 15
Minutes played: 90
Goals: 1

Honestly, who saw this one coming?  San Jose secured a 1-0 win over the visitors Montreal thanks to Godoy’s lone goal.  He also picked up four bonus points (one attacking, three defending) to put him in third place overall this week.  At this price tag, and San Jose with another week at home against a shaky Vancouver team, he might be worth looking at picking up for round two.  We’ll go through all that later in the week, though.

Tim Melia (GK) – Kansas City – $5.5m

Total points: 14
Minutes played: 90
Saves: 5

Tied for first among goalkeepers (fourth overall), Melia had an impressive five saves, a clean sheet, and a penalty save to boot to add another five points to his total in SKC’s 0-0 draw with D.C. United.  He scored one defending bonus point as well.  If you’re looking at Melia for a possible round two option, Sporting Kansas City plays host to a dangerous FC Dallas team next week, so be wary of the goal-fest that might be.

Nick Rimando (GK) – Real Salt Lake – $6.0m

Total points: 14
Minutes played: 90
Saves: 3

Also coming in at 14 points, Rimando had a penalty save of his own — stopping Sebastian Giovinco’s PK attempt dead in its tracks.  The Wall of the Wasatch snagged two defending bonus points, and would have come in just ahead of Melia at 15, but for his yellow card that took away a point.

Jared Watts (DF) – Colorado – $5.5m

Total points: 13
Minutes played: 90
Assists: 1

Our first defender in the list, Jared Watts comes in at number six with 13 total points, including a +3 for his assist, +5 for a clean sheet, and +2 for bonus points.  Add the automatic two points for playing over 60 minutes, and one more for his pass completion rate, and you’ve got a well-rounded, solid performance from a defender.  If Colorado can keep up the form they had last year — grinding out 0-0 and 1-0 results — it might be a good idea to stock up on Rapids defenders this season.

So, where does this leave us?  We have two goalkeepers and only one defender in the top six, which is definitely not what I expected.  Granted, those two ‘keepers both saved a penalty, but does this make us look at our lineup a little differently?  Many of us were stocking up on defenders before the season started, given the new scoring changes, but it’s clear how one good performance from any player can send our score through the roof.

Round 1 summary

Highest points: 121 (Too_Much_Soccer and Melting Wood)
Average points: 58
MLS Cheatsheet league top scorer: MBFC – 110 points

2 thoughts on “MLS Fantasy Round 1 Wrap-up

  1. Just a recommendation, but I think you should include what fixture a player has for the following game week. Given that we can make unlimited transfers, who the player’s opposition is makes up a huge part of the choice, at least for me.

    1. Good call Nate. I’ll keep that in mind for the next post, but in the meantime if you click on any given player’s name it’ll take you to their detail page, which has their upcoming match info on it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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